The first game of the 2022-2023 Chinese Frisbee League will be closed on August 7 at the Duyi Ruins Park Sports Center in Qujiang New District, Xi'an.

V7 of Xi'an Institute of Physical Education won the championship, and Terracotta Warriors-RJM and YUF won the second and third respectively.

In just two days, a total of 336 athletes from 12 frisbee teams from Shaanxi Province showed the charm of the sport of frisbee to the public, explaining the goal of this league to encourage public participation and promote national fitness.

  As the first competition of the Chinese Frisbee League, the success of the Xi'an competition is of great significance.

A lot of experience in the preparation and holding of the event has also provided reference and reference for the later sub-station events, and accumulated experience in organizing the competition for the development of Chinese Frisbee.

  Follow the event to stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses to participate

  At the beginning of this year, Frisbee was spread through various social platforms, and more and more people began to play Frisbee in community squares, parks and football fields, and the sport began to become a fashionable sport favored by the public.

  According to the statistics of the National Frisbee Sports Promotion Committee at the beginning of this year, the number of people who regularly participate in Frisbee sports in China exceeds 500,000, and there are more than 500 communities and colleges and universities that have long-term standardized and organized Frisbee activities.

Today, this number is expected to have increased several times.

  Frisbee player Hou Jun told reporters that since the beginning of the year, more and more people playing Frisbee in Xi'an.

In February of this year, he created a Frisbee community to teach everyone to play Frisbee. In just two or three days, the community had 370 members.

Now, after half a year, the number has exceeded 8,000.

  He Yi, deputy director of the third business department of the Social Sports Guidance Center of the State Sports General Administration, introduced to reporters from the Beijing News that Frisbee is a popular sport for the general public. Holding national-level Frisbee events is of great significance for promoting Frisbee sports and enriching the content of national fitness activities in various places. A good example of leading role.

  It is understood that the athletes participating in the Xi'an Station include students from colleges and universities, civil servants, corporate employees, and foreign friends working and living in China.

  During the event, in addition to the 100 spectators at the Duyi Ruins Park Sports Center, the main venue, the reporter found that the guardrails around the stadium also attracted many people to stop and watch.

In addition, in the open space outside the venue and the Frisbee experience area set up by the organizing committee, there are also many teenagers and parents passing the Frisbee to experience the fun of this sport.

  The challenge is a race against time, against the high temperature

  On July 22, the Social and Sports Center of the General Administration of Sports of the People's Republic of China announced the results of the 2022-2023 China Frisbee League's bid to host cities.

On July 28, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province was determined to be the venue for the first leg of the Chinese Frisbee League.

On August 6, the Xi'an Station competition opened.

The preparation time for the event can only be described as "urgent".

  Xue Zhixing, the event operator and co-founder of Hangzhou Frisbee Culture Development Co., Ltd., revealed to the Beijing News reporter that because the event time is relatively short, the work that needs to be connected is complicated, and it is the first time to hold a national-level Frisbee event, and the operation team faces a very big challenge.

  During the event, data from the Central Meteorological Observatory showed that the highest temperature in Xi'an reached 39°C, and the instruments of the on-site medical security team showed that the highest temperature reached 47.3°C.

"High temperature" has become a test of whether the event can be held safely.

  In order to ensure the safe participation of athletes, the organizing committee of the event coordinated the resources of all parties and doubled the heatstroke prevention and cooling materials on the basis of the previous guarantee plan.

  He Yi said that holding the competition in such a short time, it is very difficult to safely participate in the high temperature weather.

The organization of this event also provided experience for the subsequent sub-stations.

  The operation level of future events still needs to be improved

  Under the objective conditions of the epidemic, high temperature, and time constraints, it is not easy for the Chinese Frisbee League to be successfully held.

However, from the perspective of event operation, there is still room for continuous improvement and improvement.

Such as the team level of the referee (observer), the professionalism of the event executive team, etc.

  Although Frisbee has been introduced to China for many years, its development is still in the promotion stage.

Whether it is from the professional level of competition, Frisbee coaches and management talents, the construction of the Frisbee competition system or the people involved in the sport, there is still a long way to go for the development of Frisbee in China.

  He Yi said that in addition to meeting the needs of the majority of Frisbee fans, hosting this league is also to lay the foundation for the gradual establishment of a standardized and complete Chinese Frisbee competition system.

In the future, the Social Sports Center will also launch different levels of Frisbee competitions, and will also promote the construction of various standards and talent systems for Frisbee sports.

  Written by Wang Jisong, reporter of Beijing News