Domenico Tedesco and Pellegrino Matarazzo strolled to the exit together after the press conference.

"I don't know how I meant it," said Tedesco, head coach of RB Leipzig, to his colleague from VfB Stuttgart.

He nodded.

The American speaks Swabian.

The fact that Tedesco, who grew up near Esslingen, speaks in his native idiom only happens when the cameras are switched off.

But it could well be that Tedesco will soon be able to welcome a player who can also answer him in Swabian, unlike Matarazzo.

Timo Werner, who grew up not far from the Stuttgart stadium in Bad Cannstatt, was the dominant topic on Sunday in the 1-1 draw between VfB Stuttgart and RB Leipzig – although the Chelsea FC footballer wasn't there at all.

Especially because Leipzig gave away the victory in the second half against Stuttgart, who were inferior in terms of play but passionately defended.

Some spectators whispered: "It wouldn't have happened with Timo Werner." Tedesco is much too well educated to take part in this speculation.

"I prefer to talk about my players," the 36-year-old clarified.

According to various sources, the striker's return to Leipzig is imminent.

Tedesco speaks of "usury of opportunities"

Against Stuttgart it could be seen that Leipzig are in good early form even without Werner, they repeatedly caused trouble in the Stuttgart penalty area with fast, fine ball relays.

They could have extended the lead through Christopher Nkunku (8th minute).

Instead, Naouriou Ahamada equalized to make it 1-1 (31st).

Nkunku, André Silva and Dani Olmo harmonized very well up front.

However, VfB goalkeeper Florian Müller almost drove Leipzig to despair with his excellent reflexes.

Tedesco spoke of "excessive chances": "It's all the more surprising for me that we don't make it 2-1." In fact, a player who would have used a rebound without humor was missing.

Timo Werner has shown that he can be this difference player.

The 26-year-old scored 95 goals in 159 games for Leipzig before joining Chelsea two years ago and winning the Champions League with the club.

His national team colleague Benjamin Henrichs at least smiled when asked about the possible return.

"I wouldn't mind if he comes." He added, smiling, "Good player."

Tedesco himself was more reserved, he was torn and let the public participate in his deliberation process before the game against Stuttgart.

"If the club has the opportunity to add a German national player who also convinces us, then we will not veto it."

But at the same time he stressed that he was very happy with his attackers, with Nkunku, with Silva, with Alexander Sörloth and Yussuf Poulsen.

Leipzig's head coach would have preferred it if the transfer market was already closed.

The rumors don't annoy him, he admitted, "but as a coach, I would like to finally know for sure."