On the 4th day of the summer national high school baseball tournament, 4 games will be played in the first round.

1st match

The first match will be between Mie High School and Yokohama High School in Kanagawa.

Mie is characterized by creating a flow from defense and connecting it to attack.

Pitcher Sota Ueyama, the ace in the center of defense, has a fastball in the 140km range and good control, and pitched in all six games at the Mie University, throwing 30 innings and giving up 5 runs.

Yokohama is known for its striking power, and strong second-year players such as Ren Ogata, who hit a walk-off home run while a first-year student at Koshien last summer, and Munehisa Hagi, who hits the central axis, will lead the team.

2nd match

The second game is a match between Nihon University Sanko from West Tokyo and Seiko Gakuin from Fukushima.

Nihon University's third high school is still alive with its traditional smash, and at the West Tokyo tournament, they scored 74 points in 6 games and grabbed the summer Koshien for the first time in four years.

Taichi Murakami, who hits the central axis, is doing well with a batting average of 50%, 8 minutes and 8 minutes, including three hits, including a home run, in the finals of the West Tokyo Tournament.

Seiko Gakuin has multiple pitchers with a wide variety of variations, such as left-handed and underhanded pitchers, centered on Mirai Sayama, who has the number 1 uniform, and has won all the Fukushima tournaments with successive pitches.

The pitchers are backed up by a solid defense centered on strong catcher Ryunosuke Yamaasa.

3rd game

The third game will be a match between East Tokyo's Nishogakusha University Affiliated High School, which has been participating in the spring and summer consecutively, and Sapporo Otani High School, which is making its first appearance in the summer.

Although Nishogakusha University was defeated in the first round at Senbatsu, the team's strength has increased with the emergence of powerful first-year students.

Attention will be focused on new players such as first-year Kaito KATAI, who experienced No. 4 in the East Tokyo tournament and hit a home run in the semi-finals.

Sapporo Otani's team batting average in the South Hokkaido tournament was 40%, 2 minutes and 5 minutes, and there was no break in the batting lineup.

It seems that the key will be how calm you can play on your first stage.

4th game

In the fourth match, Gifu Prefectural Commercial, which has participated for the 30th time, and Hyogo/Sha High School, who are participating in the summer Koshien for the first time in the 74th year of the club.

Prefectural Gifu Commerce was determined to be infected with the new coronavirus in a pre-tournament inspection, and will replace 10 players from the original registration.

The ace and key players in offense and defense have been left out, but it will be interesting to see how experienced coach Takumi Kajisha will play out.

The company has multiple strong pitchers centered on ace pitcher Rinpei Shibamoto, and the defense is solid with only 4 errors in 7 games at the Hyogo tournament, creating a rhythm from defense.

In terms of batting, we will aim for our first win at Koshien in the summer by using mobility such as bunting and stealing bases to score.