China News Service, Beijing, August 8th (Liu Xingchen) On the 8th, a topic entry #Guangdong Provincial Games Final Fixture# has occupied a high position in Weibo hot searches for a long time.

As of press time, this topic has exceeded 140 million views and nearly 9,000 people participated in the discussion.

  From the perspective of competitive sports, this game is not a high-level event. If there are no special circumstances, it will not attract so much public attention to a large extent.

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  But looking at the comment area, everyone is constantly discussing.

  "It's really the darkest moment of Chinese football. Except for the fifteen-year-old boys who have no problems, they are all problems." This is a sentence left by a netizen in the topic discussion area.

  In the eyes of professional football media people, this game also has problems.

"After watching the replay of the game, there is indeed a suspicion of match-fixing, and I support a thorough investigation to the end."

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  Everyone's response was filled with the most emotions, helplessness and anger.

In other words, at a time when Chinese football is still in a slump, this game has hit a lot of pain points in the hearts of many people who care about Chinese football.

  Let's take a look at the game first.

  This game was held on August 7th. It was the final of the men's second group A of the football project of the 16th Guangdong Provincial Games in 2022. It was played between the Qingyuan team and the Guangzhou team.

After the start of the game, there was no abnormal situation. In the second half, the Qingyuan team took the lead 3:1.

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  But since then, the Qingyuan team seems to be like a "power outage".

The goalkeeper and the defender were passing the ball in the backcourt quite casually and were directly stolen by the opponent; when the Guangzhou team launched the attack, the Qingyuan team defender did not seem to have the intention of blocking the football from entering the goal; according to the camera, several Qingyuan team players opened the ball on the field. "Walking" mode...

  In the end, the Guangzhou team defeated the Qingyuan team 5:3 to win the championship.

  After the video of the game went viral on social media, Dong Lu, a well-known football media personality, used "weird 13 minutes" to describe the situation on the field.

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  Just as the outside world was discussing the game, the Chinese Football Association officially announced the launch of an investigation into the game.

The announcement stated that in the game, the performance of the athletes from both sides on the field was widely questioned by public opinion, which aroused the attention of all walks of life.

The Chinese Football Association attaches great importance to this and has launched an investigation process. An investigation team will be formed with the participation of the Competition Department, Discipline Inspection Department and other departments, and will go to Guangzhou to conduct an investigation on August 8.

  It is not what Chinese football wants to arouse heated discussions in such a way.

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  This year's poor World Preliminary record once again put the national football team into an "dead cycle", and many fans didn't know how to face Chinese football, which has been in a trough.

  In fact, there is not a lot of news about Chinese football recently.

  The Chinese Super League has officially resumed the home and away game system. For professional teams and clubs, the home court has been opened after a long absence. When familiar spectators enter the stadium again to watch the game, it brings more positive signals to the team's operation level.

The picture shows the scene of the Chinese Super League match.

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  In the East Asia Cup competition that ended at the end of July, the Chinese men's football selection team with the "U23 national team" as the main team won the third place.

  Although only four teams participated in the East Asian Cup, this ranking did not satisfy the Chinese.

However, the original intention of dispatching young players to go out to increase competition experience and take this opportunity to upgrade is no problem.

In the second round, the national football selection team drew with the Japanese team.

The game data still shows that there is a big gap in strength between the two sides, but with courage and perseverance, the young players can gain confidence and bring some comfort to the depressed Chinese football.

The picture shows the national football selection team in the game.

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  When facing pressure and challenges head on, face the difficulties and resist them with your own efforts. Even if you fail to win the game, you will gain confidence.

This may be a more realistic idea, and for today's Chinese football, it is also the most needed.

  At present, the official has been involved in the investigation of this controversial game, but the final result has not been released.

As for whether it is the "fixing ball" mentioned by everyone, we will not argue yet.

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  A few days ago, the first China Youth Football League was launched.

Wang Dengfeng, deputy director of the China Youth Football League Office and director of the Department of Sports, Health and Arts of the Ministry of Education, said, "Whether it can drive more and more children to play football is a key issue facing Chinese football at this stage."

  As the future of Chinese football, youth football plays an important role.

Please keep it simple and stay away from disturbances. Only in this way can we help the development of Chinese football.