Speed ​​skater Kim Min-seok, who caused a scandal after a drunk driving accident at the Jincheon Athlete's Village, was suspended for one year and six months.

Correspondent Ha Seong-ryong.


Four national speed skating athletes including Kim Min-seok and Jeong Jae-won, who even had a drunk driving accident after drinking at a restaurant outside the athletes' village last month, bowed their heads as they attended the Sports Fair Committee.

[Jeong Jae-won/Speed ​​Skating National Team: I am very sorry to have caused concern with such an unfortunate incident.]

The four athletes and the national team coach Kim Jin-su, who is in charge of management, have already suspended their qualifications in the Ice Skating Federation, while the athletes appear at the Fair Trade Commission. He pleaded guilty to both drinking and driving.

[Kim Min-seok/Speed ​​Skating National Team: I am deeply sorry and regretful, and I told the Fair Trade Commission that I will be reflecting for the rest of my life.] The

Fair Trade Commission suspended Kim Min-seok, who caused a drunk driving accident, for one year and six months, and drunk driving from the restaurant to the athletes’ village. Jeong Jae-won, who did this, was sentenced to one year in prison.

On the other hand, he accepted the allegation that he did not remember Jung Jae-won, who was drunk and in a car, and reduced his suspension to two months.

Kim Min-seok will not be able to participate in the World Cup until next season, and Jung Jae-won will be able to participate in the World Cup again this season.

(Video coverage: Jang Woon-seok, video editing: Oh Young-taek)