Munetaka Murakami, a professional baseball player who was deregistered from the 1st Army on the 6th due to suspicion of being infected with the new coronavirus, returned to the 1st Army on the 7th.

Murakami was deregistered from the 1st army as a special exception for those infected with the new coronavirus and those who were in close contact with him before the Giants match held at Jingu Stadium on the 6th.

According to director Shingo Takatsu, the PCR test on the 6th was negative, but he complained of malaise.

NPB = According to the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization, if you are subject to a special exception for the new corona, you can re-register without waiting for the stipulated 10 days if you decide that the team can return.

The team said that they would decide whether to return based on the situation on the 7th, but after 4:00 pm on the 7th, it was announced that they had registered as players for the 1st army.

Murakami appeared on the ground of Jingu Stadium before the Giants game on the night of the 7th, and was seen to have a chat with Director Takatsu while vigorously practicing batting.

Murakami currently has 39 home runs and 98 RBIs, the top of the 12 teams, and on the 2nd of this month, he hit 5 consecutive home runs, a new record for professional baseball.