[Explanation] The first game of the first Chinese Frisbee League was held in Xi'an on the 6th, attracting nearly 400 participants from 12 teams.

According to reports, the content of this competition is a seven-a-side mixed team competition. The competition adopts the group competition and elimination play-off system, and implements the "National Frisbee Sports Competition Rules (Trial)" approved by the National Frisbee Sports Promotion Committee.

The Frisbee used in the competition is an official custom standard 175g team Frisbee, certified by the World Frisbee Federation.

  Taking the plate, dodging, and passing it to teammates, the contestants were sweating recklessly on the field. "If the plate doesn't fall, never give up" is their belief. From time to time, someone flies and then falls and gets up again.

On the day of the event, the temperature on the field was hot, but it still could not resist the enthusiasm of the contestants.

  [Concurrent] Liu Huan, V7 player of Xi'an Institute of Physical Education

  I took the Frisbee class from this university, and we have elective courses, and then I brought it to us from our teacher, and then the first impression of it, I think it is a unity, and then there is this that tests teamwork Exercise, because I think people are in society, we may need (more) contact with people, then it's very social, and then you can exercise.

  [Explanation] Novelty and fun are the common feelings of most novice Frisbee players. In recent years, Frisbee has become a "top class" with its "strong exercise, zero contact, and strong social interaction" characteristics, and has become an important part of national fitness activities.

The Frisbee exercise is quicker to get started, and it also makes many girls fascinated by it.

  [Concurrent] Wei Andong, V7 player of Xi'an Institute of Physical Education

  In the beginning, this Ultimate Frisbee project was very niche, and then it became very popular in the past two years, especially since this year, the public participation has been getting higher and higher. First of all, it is a very fast project, you don’t need to say how much you are Professional, whether it is boys or girls, everyone's participation is very high, and the experience of girls will be stronger.

  [Explanation] The increase in the audience of Frisbee sports has led to the development of related economies.

Many outdoor sports clubs and sports brands also turn their attention to this small Frisbee.

  The "2022 Youth Trendy Sports Report" shows that Frisbee, skateboarding, and urban cycling rank high among the trendy sports that are popular with young people.

Among them, "getting to know new friends, expanding social circles" and "pursuing trends and experiencing new things" are the biggest reasons why young people love Frisbee.

  On the day of the event, the V7 team of Xi'an Institute of Physical Education finally won the RJM team from the Terracotta Warriors and Horses 9-2 in the opening game, and won a good start.

Some contestants said that although the heat was unbearable, everyone's will to fight was touching, and everyone on the field was enjoying the game to the fullest.

  [Concurrent] Competition Director Xu Jie

  We have great expectations for the future development of this sport. At the same time, in April this year, we started to do a basic training of Frisbee, which can train more people to experience and participate in Frisbee At the same time, we also organized an extreme Frisbee league of our own Qujiang Sports in July. On the 23rd and 24th of July, it was also for the warm-up of this competition.

We hope that through this competition, more people can recognize the sport of Frisbee and let more people participate in the sport of Frisbee.

  Reported by Gao Cheng Party Field Zhang Yichen in Xi'an

Responsible editor: [Liu Xian]