In the first and second place match in professional football, the leader Ulsan drew 1-1 with the second place Jeonbuk at the end of a battle.

It was Ulsan who took the lead in the head-to-head match.

After receiving a pass from Bako, Wonsang Um quickly penetrated the right flank, eluding the opposing defenders and shaking the net with a right-footed shot.

However, the referee declared the goal after watching the video reading as to whether Ulsan Kim Tae-hwan was fouled before the goal.

Wonsang Um, who scored his 11th goal of the season, moved up to 4th in scoring.

Jeonbuk, who placed 2nd place, did not just back down.

In the 11th minute of the second half, Barrow scored the equalizer with a right-footed shot.

The two teams eventually drew 1-1, maintaining a six-point gap between the first and second places.

Incheon moved up to 4th place by defeating Daegu FC 3-2.

In the extra time corner kick chance in the second half that faced 2-2, Kim Do-hyuk put a header through Hernandez's head to create an exciting comeback drama.