Four games will be played in the first round on the second day of the summer national high school baseball tournament.

1st Match Aomori Hachinohe Gakuin Kosei vs. Okayama Soushi Gakuen

The first match will be between Aomori's Hachinohe Gakuin Kosei High School and Okayama's Soushi Gakuen.

Hachinohe Gakuin Kosei will lead the batting lineup with No. 5 Orikasa Yota, who is from Aomori and has a batting average of 50% and two home runs at the Aomori tournament.

The pitchers are rich with 5 people, and they have won all 5 games of the Aomori tournament with repeat pitching.

Director Hiroyuki Nagasawa, who has been the manager of Soushi Gakuen since its founding in 2010, will retire at the end of this summer, and the players seized the Koshien appearance with the slogan "Make the manager the best in Japan." .

It will be interesting to see how Kotaro Okamura, an ace pitcher with a right side throw and a fastball in the mid-140km range, will show how he pitches.

2nd match Aichi Aiko Daimyoden vs Seiryo Ishikawa

The second match is between Aichi's Aikodai Meiden High School and Ishikawa's Seiryo High School.

Aiko Daimeiden, who will be participating for the second consecutive year, is characterized by a seamless batting line that can score from anywhere from 1st to 9th.

The pitchers include Kahisa Arima, who is the captain and has the fastest 147km straight and slider as his weapon, and Noriki Iwase, the eldest son of Hitoki Iwase, who played an active role as a suppressor in Chunichi in professional baseball, and who has a sharp slider. has

Seiryo is participating for the first time in three years since 2019, when he was runner-up.

The first and second duo of Shiko Nagai and Shotaro Kakibuchi, who both have batting averages of over 40% in the Ishikawa tournament and can create chances and score points, are worth paying attention to.

The pitching staff is centered on Ace Margard Kian, who has a straight ball in the 140 kg range and a cut ball, and Ryota Takeuchi, a second-year pitcher who has strong straight balls.

3rd Match Yamagata Tsuruoka Higashi vs. Hiroshima Eishin

In the third match, Tsuruoka Higashi High School from Yamagata will face Eishin High School from Hiroshima.

Tsuruoka Higashi has trained a strong and compact swing through a practice called “iron bat training” in which he swings a heavy bat during the winter when it snows heavily.

In the Yamagata Tournament, the team batting average was 40%, 1 minute, 1 rin, and 37 points in 5 games, and the power hit shines.

The pitchers are also stable, conceding only two points in the finals at the Yamagata tournament.

Eishin is participating for the first time in 48 years, which is the longest time among representative schools.

Ace pitcher Isamu Mukai started in 6 of the 7 games at the Hiroshima tournament, throwing 34 and 1/3 innings with a stable ERA of 1.57. I was.

The batting line aims to send the runners into the scoring position with bunts and end runs, and aim for an attack that tangles the legs and grabs a point.

Fourth match Shiga Omi vs Tokushima Naruto

The fourth match will be between Omi High School in Shiga and Naruto High School in Tokushima.

Omi's ace and captain, Yoto Yamada, has an overwhelming presence and will lead the team as a mainstay.

At the Shiga tournament, he pitched well, conceding just one goal in 22 innings in three games.

In the Senbatsu final, they lost 1-18 to Osaka Toin High School, and Yamada, who felt frustration, is enthusiastic, saying, "I want to remember that frustration again and hit it."

On the other hand, Naruto, like Omi, will be participating in the spring and summer consecutively.

In the Senbatsu, they lost 1-3 to Osaka Toin in the first match, but ace pitcher Ryoya Tomita pitched well, including eight strikeouts, and became a presence in the spotlight.

I'm looking forward to how the confrontation between the two teams with good pitchers will unfold.