“I didn’t watch TV all the time I spent there, because I knew that this would not add positive emotions to me.

But I've heard a lot of feedback.

And when the godparents expressed their point of view, I understood where it all came from.

Therefore, I didn’t watch the news, I immediately decided for myself: I abstract from everything and will do my job.

But overall, the situation is tense.

And hatred of the Russians, unfortunately, is only growing.

Because I have something to compare.

When we came to the country a few years ago, we loved Jurmala very much.

We used to spend the whole summer there.

The Russians have always been treated kindly.

And for us it was a second home.

They always liked to come there, but now it’s not like that, ”Polstyanaya said in an interview with RT.

Earlier, Polstyanaya told why she was banned from performing at the 2022 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Bulgaria.