Both Henriksson and Larsson were early favourites.

- It wasn't a wow time, but still an approved race, says Henriksson, who won in a time of 11.55, which can be compared to her year's best of 11.41 and personal best of 11.37.

"Not great conditions"

For Henrik Larsson, the winning time was 10.30, just three hundredths off the year's best and a tenth over his personal best - even though the conditions were not the best with wet tracks after some rain.

- If he only gets good conditions now, it feels like for the first time in a few years he can challenge his personal record, which is not far from Peter Karlsson's Swedish record, says SVT Sports expert Alhaji Jeng.

Larsson himself was into the same thing.,

- The conditions weren't great with wet tracks and so on.

So there's a lot more to pick up.

Sooner or later the perfect match will come, it's just a matter of continuing to drive and hope that it will be at the European Championships, he said.

Peter Karlsson's Swedish record from 1996 is 10.18.