The Japan Sumo Association has announced that former yokozuna Hakuho Magaki has inherited the Miyagino stable by naming the elderly "Miyagino".

Former yokozuna Hakuho Magaki has been teaching as a master with a room in the Miyagino stable after retiring after the fall of last year.

At the board meeting held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo on the 28th, the Japan Sumo Association approved that Mr. Magaki took over the name of the elderly "Miyagino" and inherited the Miyagino stable.

Former yokozuna Hakuho, who holds numerous records such as 45 wins, the most in history, will be instructing the wrestlers who belong to the room as Miyagino's master.

Juryo Enho, Ishiura, Hokuseiho, etc. belong to the Miyagino stable.

In line with this, next month, the former Makuuchi Takebayama and Miyagino masters, who will reach the retirement age of 65 at the Japan Sumo Association, have named the elderly "Magaki".

According to the Japan Sumo Association, they will be rehired and will remain as masters of the Miyagino stable.