WBO = World Boxing Organization super flyweight champion Kazuto Ioka faced a title match with a Filipino player and won the decision to defend for the fifth time.

WBO super flyweight champion Ioka faced a title match with Philippine Donnie Nietes, who ranked first in the world in Ota Ward, Tokyo on the night of the 13th.

Four years ago, Ioka played against Nietes in a WBO super flyweight match that he faced to conquer the fourth class, and at that time he was defeated by the judgment.

In the match on the 13th, Ioka gradually grasped the rhythm and repeated effective punches accurately.

The match was entangled in the decision without any downs, and Ioka defended for the fifth time with a 3-0 decision win.

Ioka was the 20th victory in the world war and set the record for the number of Japanese players who won the world war.

After the match, Ioka said, "I was able to revenge against the opponent who lost in the past. I wanted to show a knockout win, but Nietes had both defense and technique."

Also, on the 13th, featherweight Shunto Tsutsumi took part in the 8th round, which is unusual for his debut match, at the same venue.

23-year-old Tsutsumi went on to college after winning a gold medal at the 2016 World Youth Championship in high school, and turned professional.

His debut match on the 13th was a decision victory against a Filipino player who ranked 5th in the Oriental and Pacific Boxing.