Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari won the Austrian Grand Prix ahead of Max Verstappen in the Red Bull and Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes.

International media write about the race:

Great Britain

"The Guardian": "Charles Leclerc celebrated victory in the Austrian Grand Prix with as much relief as joy after a race that was captivating to the end."

"Daily Mail": "It was not the result those who lit orange Bengalos came for, but one that the World Championship needed - a victory for Charles Leclerc in a dramatic, fire-lit Austrian Grand Prix. "

The Sun: "Charles Leclerc's win promises to reignite the race for the F1 title - while it was his teammate Carlos Sainz's Ferrari that caught fire."


"Marca": "There is a championship for the Monegasque (Charles Leclerc), but not for Carlos Sainz, who retired due to an engine failure on lap 56 - 15 laps before the end.

He was clearly on his way to finishing second or better.”

"Mundo Deportivo": "The best way to stop the noise, the disputes and the criticism would have been a double win.

Ferrari wanted to do this at the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix F1.”


"Gazzetta dello Sport": "Leclerc's revenge: The Red Prince wins in Austria, the World Cup is open again.

Leclerc proves to be a pilot made of steel.

He is stronger than all obstacles and difficulties.

His victory is a masterpiece.

After many problems, Ferrari badly needed such a triumph.”

"Corriere dello Sport": "Leclerc keeps the World Cup open.

An air of perfection wafts around Leclerc's races at Red Bull's racetrack. The Ferrari driver is stronger than the circumstances and tames the unruly Verstappen.

The red of the Ferrari tifosi towers over the orange of the Verstappen fans.”

"Tuttosport": "Leclerc is the hero at Red Bull's home. To celebrate a win, he doesn't just have to be the fastest, toughest and most talented pilot.

He must also be stronger than Pech and handle a series of slashes.

He even sings the Italian anthem on the podium.

What more can you ask of him?"

"La Repubblica": "Triumph and a nail-biter: With heart and talent, Leclerc rises to become the wild bull in the Red Bull arena."


"Kurier": "For the ninth year in a row, Formula 1 was a guest at the Red Bull Ring, never before have there been so many spectators.

Most of them peaceful and happy, but some caused discord.

Apart from that, it was a race weekend with many plus points and few points of criticism.”

"Kronenzeitung": "This time the Red Bull drove with Verstappen toboggan.

The orange party almost everyone was expecting was crashed by the reds.

The heated fight between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc was a fine foretaste of what the two opponents will serve up to fans in the coming months.


"Blick": "Leclerc silences 60,000 Verstappen fans.

That's a rarity.

Leclerc overtakes Verstappen three times on the Red Bull Ring.

The Monegasse wins in Spielberg while his Ferrari teammate Sainz experiences a fire drama.”

"Tags-Anzeiger": "Max Verstappen sees red. First in the rear-view mirror, later also in a figurative sense - and several times this Sunday in Styria."


"AD": "Max Verstappen did not leave 'his' Austria in a festive mood.

The Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring looked set to be one huge Dutch celebration, but it ended in an unexpected defeat for the reigning world champion.

And that wasn't the only stain this weekend."

"Telegraaf": "The Austrian Grand Prix proved what Max Verstappen has been demanding for weeks: Ferrari must not yet be written off.

But with a second place behind winner Charles Leclerc, the world championship leader tried to limit the damage for the second time in a row.”