3 to 1!

In the 2022 Wimbledon men's singles semi-final in the early morning of July 9th, Beijing time, Djokovic beat the host star Nori with 1 chase and 3, and advanced to the Wimbledon final.

It was Djokovic's 32nd career Grand Slam final, surpassing Federer's record.

His next opponent is the same hot Kyrgios.

The two have met twice before, and the loser is Djokovic.

In this way, it is not easy for Djokovic to get his 21st Grand Slam.

  In this Wimbledon semifinal, Djokovic was as slow as ever.

After Norrie took the lead 6-2, Djokovic slowly turned the game into his own state and reversed 6-3, 6-2, 6-4.

Djokovic clenched his fists and roared in celebration.

This season, the Australian Open did not allow Djokovic to participate, the French Open encountered Nadal in advance, and the next US Open must be vaccinated.

Djokovic can only attack his 21st Grand Slam at Wimbledon here and now.

  The "goalkeeper" who stood in front of Djokovic was replaced by Australian player Kyrgios.

Although Djokovic has won all the way and is just one win away from his 21st Grand Slam, Djokovic has never won a set against world No. 40 Kyrgios in his previous two matches.

  "One thing's for sure, the final is sure to sparkle! It's his first grand slam final and it's going to be exciting. For me, it's another final at a tournament I love so much, hopefully Experience can help me!" Djokovic said.

  Kyrgios was photographed chatting with his girlfriend on the practice ground during Djokovic's fierce battle with Norrie.

Under the setting sun in London, Kyrgios simply sunbathed on the Wimbledon grass court with his girlfriend.

This may be Kyrgios' best way to relax ahead of the biggest fight of his career.

Before that, he beat Tsitsipas and other famous players in a row and entered the semi-finals.

Kyrgios advanced to the Grand Slam final for the first time in his career as Nadal retired with a torn abdominal muscle.

  For Kyrgios, while the outside world appreciates his outstanding tennis talent, it is also difficult to accept his outrageous words and deeds from time to time.

Just before and after this Wimbledon, Kyrgios has been fined several times by the Grand Slam officials for various words and deeds.

This also adds extra attention to the upcoming finals.

  When talking about how to deal with Djokovic, Kyrgios admitted that he has great respect for Djokovic, even reaching the level of admiration.

He said: "We now have a little bit of a bromance between us, which is weird. Every time we play, it gets hyped and the media and the audience are interested. I feel like I'm the only one at the Australian Open. Players who stand up for him, that earns my respect in a way. In real life, we'd send some DMs. In fact, earlier this week, he said, wish I could be on Sunday see you or something."

  Kyrgios once said that he would be the biggest favorite under Djokovic and Nadal to play on grass courts.

Now the two finally meet in the Wimbledon final.

For Kyrgios, a player of great talent and character, the stage has been set, the opponent has been determined, and it is time to show off his skills and style.

  Text / reporter Chu Peng