Eid Takbeerat with the voice of an Emirati player sweeping “Twitter” .. (Video)

Ajman team player, Muhammad Hilal, broadcast a spiritual atmosphere on the social networking site "Twitter" by chanting the Eid takbeers with his melodious voice, during a video clip published by the official account of his club this evening.

The video clip was widely circulated, as the former player of Al-Ain team had better chanted the takbeers, spreading moments of faith two days before the blessed Eid Al-Adha.

Grow up so that your arrogance reaches the heights of the sky 🕌

God is great, God is great, God is great, there is no god but God,

God is great, God is great, and praise be to God,

God is great, and praise be to God a lot

, and glory be to God tomorrow and

the Eid takbeers in the voice of our player @MoHilal21 🎙 pic.twitter.com/syTzebAhRz

— Ajman Club (@AjmanClub) July 7, 2022

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