The interim results of the final vote were announced in a fan vote to select fielders to participate in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game this month.

Shohei Ohtani of the Angels was ranked at the top with 50% of the votes in the American League designated hitter category.

The fielder who starts in the All-Star Game of the Major League Baseball is selected by a two-stage fan vote, and Otani is ranked second in the American League's designated hitter category in the first vote, and the final vote with Astros' Alvarez who was the first. I'm going to.

The interim result of this final vote was announced without revealing the number of votes, and in the American League designated hitter category, Otani collected 50% of the votes and lined up with Alvarez.

Otani got 550,000 votes less than Alvarez in the first vote, but he does not carry over the result of the first vote in the final vote, which is a single combat.

The final vote will be held on the Internet until dawn on the 9th of Japan time, and you can also vote from Japan.

The result of the final vote will be announced on the 9th, and if Otani surpasses Alvarez in the final vote, he will be the starting pitcher in the designated hitter category for the second consecutive year.

In addition, pitchers selected by voting among players and fielders selected by non-fan voting will be announced on the 11th, and all players will be available.

This year's Major League Baseball All-Star game will take place on the 20th of Japan time at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.