According to information from the FAZ, the professional volleyball team United Volleys will no longer receive a Bundesliga license for the next season.

The reason for this is said to be that the Frankfurters have not met their financial obligations and have not proven their economic performance.

Daniel Sattler, spokesman for the league management, did not want to confirm the process on Tuesday.

He could only say "that the league committee made a decision this week".

As soon as the club has been officially notified of this, it has three days to appeal against it.

Only when the verdict is final can it be published.

Managing Director Korosek does not comment

United managing director Alexander Korosek or anyone else in charge of the club could not comment on the decision on Tuesday.

Captain Jochen Schöps only said that Korosek announced last week that the future "does not look rosy".

The development is not surprising.

Since the volleys first hit the ball sports hall at the beginning of their history in 2015, they have been financed for the most part by the Grolsheim entrepreneur Jörg Krick, whose son Tobias was part of the squad at the time.

After the middle blocker moved to Italy two years ago, his father wanted to pull out of the project.

Sponsors who would have absorbed the departure were not found despite sporting successes for the 2021 DVV Cup winner.

A year ago, the aviation entrepreneur Korosek, who had previously been involved with the Frankfurt football teams Universe and Galaxy, became a shareholder, and Krick announced that from 2022 onwards he would only be involved with the volleyball players with an existing contribution.

Despite government Corona aid, complaints about omissions and open invoices have recently increased.

The league deducted six points from United in the spring for breaching licensing requirements.

In mid-June, Korosek stated that the future of the volleys depended, among other things, on contracts with two new potential sponsors.

He estimated the chances that “the lights would stay on at United” at 50 percent.

The team from third place for the season that starts in October got together early on and announced one entry after the other in the past few weeks.

Tim Zimmermann, the head of the volleyball department at TG Rüsselsheim, which provides the Volleys with their Bundesliga licence, explained that their own club is still waiting for the fees to be paid.

There has been no communication with Korosek for two months.

The league shares similar experiences, according to Sattler.