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Without the Olympic Games or European Championship and with the World Cup moved to winter, the Tour, along with the Wimbledon tournament, monopolizes the center of the media stage and recovers its

economic vigor

prior to the pandemic.


Grande Boucle

, with a following in 190 countries and a potential audience of 3.5 billion viewers, is a huge moneymaker.

The race is organized by the company

Amaury Sport Organization

(ASO), also owner of the newspaper


and the Vuelta a España or the Dakar Rally.

This company bills about 200 million annually, two thirds of that income is generated by the Tour.

60% of the round's resources come from the sale of television rights.

30% is contributed by its fifty sponsors and the remaining 10%, by the cities that host the event.


the places at the end of the stage pay 650,000 euros and those at the start of the day, around 100,000 euros


12 million from Denmark

These amounts skyrocket when the race crosses the French borders.

The figures paid by Denmark could reach

12 million euros

for the three days of competition and the days prior to the start of the event.

Utrecht paid four million in 2015;

Düsseldorf, 6.2 million in 2017. Leaving the country of origin is a huge logistical effort, but it also generates extra money.

This year, Hungary paid the Giro d'Italia nine million.

According to

Velo News

, the benefits of hosting the Tour are substantial.

The cities could multiply by 10 the amounts invested due to the revenues obtained by the hotel industry, service companies and tourism.

The Tour is an excellent advertising platform.

In 2021, their website had more than

14 million unique visitors


Followers on social networks exceed nine million.

The Tour mobilizes 4,500 people daily.

Basque Country in 2023

In 2023, the French test will start, on July 1, from the Basque Country, starting in Bilbao and two more stages that will link Vitoria with San Sebastián and Amorebieta with Bayonne.

The disbursement of the Basque Autonomous Community will amount to 12 million euros.

The Basque Government, the three

provincial councils and the city councils of the Basque capitals

will assume the cost.

The autonomous Executive will face 75% of the total expense, about nine million euros, and the consistories and councils will pay about 760,000 euros each.

A public investment will provide rich returns.

With the Tour, the organizers, the sponsors, the cities and, to a lesser extent, the protagonists of the event win.

In this edition, the prizes for cyclists amount to more than

2.2 million euros

, some 60,000 more than last year.

The winner of the round will receive 500,000 euros;

the second, 200,000, the third 100,000;

the fourth, 70,000;

the fifth, 50,000.

And so on a descending scale until the last classified.

The best team will win 50,000 euros.

The winner of each stage will receive 11,000 euros;

the second, 5,500 and the third, 2,800.

These prizes are distributed among all the riders, technicians and assistants of the teams.

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