China News Service, Beijing, July 5th (Reporter Bian Liqun) Recently, the Huaao 2022 Sixth Line Parent-Child Gala ended successfully.

It is understood that more than 3 million families of children and adolescents participated in this event by uploading videos, checking in online sports and other forms.

June 1 parent-child party poster.

Photo courtesy of the event organizer

  According to reports, Huaao Star has joined forces with the society and combined its own advantages to actively build a national free online fitness platform for children and adolescents, and has hosted a series of activities for the "Run, Youth" Huaao Star Online Parent-Child Games.

The children and adolescents-themed fitness activities will be jointly launched by the State Sports General Administration, the Ministry of Education, the National Health Commission, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the All-China Women's Federation and other departments in 2021.

  The activity takes the Spring Festival, June 1, summer vacation, National Day and other holidays as an opportunity to vigorously carry out festival sports. Through continuous development of fitness check-in, online competition, physical education, cloud sharing and other forms, it adheres to the correct orientation and exerts the function of sports to educate people. Widely publicize the culture of sports events, sports events and sports etiquette, and radiate and drive young people and their families to participate in daily physical exercise.

Parents accompany their children to play sports.

Photo courtesy of the event organizer

  It is understood that the 2022 June First-line Parent-Child Gathering series of activities mainly focus on four brand project activities, including the Children's Sports Lecture Hall, the Parent-Child Online Running on the Coast of the Motherland, the Parent-Child Online Challenge, and the Four Forces Challenge. It is carried out in the form of linkage.

  According to reports, Huaao Star actively responded to the national epidemic prevention requirements, made full use of the advantages of the network platform, and vigorously carried out activities that were inclusive, diversified, and loved by children and parents.

This series of activities has received nearly 10,000 entries from 29 provinces and cities across the country, and 3 million+ families of children and adolescents participated in this activity by uploading videos, punching in online sports cards, listening to and watching online sports lecture halls and other forms. The number of pageviews exceeded 90 million; the number of participants, project cycle, interaction effect, and information feedback all reached the highest level in history.