Seiya Suzuki of the Cubs, a major league baseball player who had been away from the battlefield for more than a month due to a sprained ring finger on his left hand, returned to the Brewers game and hit two hits including a running home run.

Suzuki was on the list of injured people by spraining the ring finger of his left hand when he stole the base in the game on May 26, but returned to the major league on the 4th in the match against Brewers at the opponent's hometown, Milwaukee. Did.

Suzuki suddenly started in the 4th light in the return game after a long absence, and hit the fastball sharply in front of the light in the 3rd at bat in the 7th inning and hit the first hit after returning.

In addition, in the 9th inning at bat, which was greeted one-on-one, he held down the opponent, hit a big hit directly from the pitcher Hader on the left arm to the fence in the middle left, and returned to the home at once while the bouncing ball changed. I won one point in the running home run, which is the fifth in this season.

However, the Cubs were caught up by the tie behind the scenes and suffered a three-run home run in the 10th inning, losing 2-5 by goodbye.

Suzuki made a center fly in the first at bat in the 2nd inning, and a light fly in the 2nd at bat in the 4th inning. It was 2 at bats and 1 at bat.

He has a batting average of 20%, 5 minutes and 2 minutes.