Maya Yoshida, the captain of the Japanese national football team who left the club in the Italian 1st division league, is expected to transfer to Schalke 04 in the 1st division of Germany, according to an interview with the people concerned.

33-year-old Yoshida is an experienced defender with a strong competitiveness, and has participated in a total of 119 games as a center back for the Japanese national team, and is currently the captain.

England After playing in the Premier League, he played for Sampdoria in the first division of Italy from January, but since he injured his right thigh in January, his chances of participation have decreased, and he left the team at the end of last month to transfer. I was looking for it.

According to the people concerned, Schalke 04 of Germany's first division had presented the conditions for acquisition to Yoshida by the 5th.

Yoshida is expected to sign a contract soon if there is no problem, such as undergoing a medical check locally.

Former Japan national team Atsuto Uchida once belonged to Schalke.

Until last season, Japan national team defender Ko Itakura belonged to the team, which contributed to the victory of the second division of Germany as a key point of defense and decided to be promoted to the first division.