Al-Badi: Meetings with the committees focus on 3 axes

"Karate" discusses the 2032 strategy... and its axes are "development, achievement and leadership"

  • Part of the Karate Federation competitions for the last season 2021-2022.

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  • Strategy 2032 aims to develop Karate.

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The Governance and Strategic Planning Committee of the Karate Federation held, the day before yesterday, via remote video communication, its second meeting with the committees working in the Game Federation, in the context of discussing the launch of the Federation’s strategy 2032, which is compatible with the strategic plan of the General Authority for Sports and Governance of Sports Federations.

The meeting was chaired by a member of the Board of Directors, Assistant Secretary-General, Chairman of the Governance and Strategic Planning Committee, Dr. Abdullah Al-Badi, and attended by the Chairman of the National Teams Committee and Vice-President of the UAE and Asian Federations, Rashid Al Ali, in addition to the Advisor to the Governance Committee of the Federation, Dr. Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, and members of the Committee: Dr. Muhammad Siam, Moza Al-Suwaidi, and Aisha Al-Shihabi, the meeting was also attended by members of the National Teams Committee.

The Chairman of the Governance and Strategic Planning Committee in the Karate Federation, Dr. Abdullah Al-Badi, told «Emirates Today»: "The meeting of the Governance and Strategic Planning Committee came with the National Teams Committee, to discuss an action plan that includes meeting all the working committees in the Federation over the months of June, July and August of this year." It aims to explain the axes and stages of the Karate Federation’s 2032 strategy, and the initiatives of the first phase of the strategy.”

He explained: “The committee started the first meetings, last week, with a meeting of the referees committee headed by the international referee, member of the referees committee in the AFC, Jaber Al-Zaabi, provided that the committee continues to meet with the rest of the committees, and discuss the strategy of the Karate Federation 2032, which is divided into three stages, which are development, achievement, And leadership, so that the current meetings extending until next August are part of the initiatives of the first phase, during which three main themes are discussed.”

He added: “The first axis is related to community sports, spreading karate in the country through awareness programs, establishing branches of the federation in the rest of the emirates, integrating people of determination within the karate game, and enhancing the federation’s position locally, continentally and globally by hosting events, and achieving the principle of community participation with all Segments of Emirati society by participating in all events, national holidays, and other occasions, supporting women’s participation and achieving the successful empowerment of sports.”

He continued, "The second axis of the meetings was entitled (Competitive Sport), to discuss mechanisms for developing the technical level of all federation members, by increasing the number of competitions, training courses and workshops, leading to the support and development of national teams by relying on specialized cadres capable of ensuring more success. The achievements of the Emirates Karate, leading to the implementation of various qualitative projects in all directions, including, for example, the Olympic referee.

He continued: “The third axis touched on the sports system, the development of sources of material income for the federation, through marketing, investment and diversity in strategic partnerships, and the provision of a decision-making support system in relation to governance, strategic planning, media and crisis management, before moving on to discussing how to benefit from technological development in the service of operations. The union, whether through social media platforms, or through the electronic data analysis system.”

He concluded: "The Governance and Strategic Planning Committee of the Karate Federation will continue its periodic meetings with the working committees next Friday, with a meeting with the Events Organizing Committee."

3 . axles

1- Spreading karate in the country, integrating people of determination, strengthening the federation's position locally, continentally and globally, and achieving the principle of community participation.

2- Developing the technical level, by increasing the number of competitions, in order to support and develop the national teams to ensure more achievements.

3- Developing sources of income and providing a decision support system in relation to governance, strategic planning, media and crisis management.

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