Brazil national football team 'goalkeeper' Gabrieu Jejus finally wore England's professional football Arsenal uniform.

Arsenal have announced that they have signed a long-term contract with Jess, who played for Manchester City.

Arsenal did not reveal the duration of his contract, but local media reported that he would be five years until the summer of 2027.

The transfer fee is said to be around 45 million pounds (about 70.7 billion won).

With this, Arsenal will be able to fill the void between Pierre-Emric Aubameyang, who left for FC Barcelona (Spain) last season, and Alexandre Lacazette, who returned to her hometown Olympique Lyon (France) last month.

Jejus' position in the team has narrowed since Manchester City recently signed 'monster goalkeeper' Elling Hollan.

Jejus is a goalkeeper who can play both front and flanks, and he made his EPL debut with Manchester City in the 2016-2017 season, scoring 58 goals in 159 regular league games and 95 goals in 236 official games.

He has lifted the trophy 11 times, including 4 Premier League titles with Manchester City.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta previously coached Jejus as a Manchester City coach.

"I used to stick with Mikel and practice shooting with him during training at Manchester City as well as after that," said Jejus.

(Photo = Arsenal website capture, Yonhap News)