It was on Friday that several Russian media reported that the ice hockey goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov had been arrested in Russia, and accused of having avoided military service, something that has not been confirmed by independent media outside Russia.

The New York Times wrote earlier this week, citing Russian media, that Fedotov was arrested at an ice hockey rink in St. Petersburg and taken to a military registration and recruitment office.

25-year-old Fedotov played last season for CSKA Moscow and he also took Olympic silver with the Russian team in Beijing.

In May, he signed his first NHL contract with the Philadelphia Flyers and the idea was that he would join the team for next season.

Philadelphia: "We are aware"

Russian news site Fontanka reported on Friday that a move is considered to deviate from military service, as CSKA Moscow is the team of the Russian army.

"We are aware of the reports and are investigating the situation," the Philadelphia general manager said in a statement, according to the New York Times.

The newspaper also refers to a spokesperson from the NHL who says that the league is aware of the situation but that it has no further comments to make.

Took to hospital

On Saturday night, new information came from the Russian side that Fedotov had started to feel unwell and was taken away by ambulance.

Something that, among other things, the Olympic news site Inside The Games writes about.

- He (Fedotov) says he got some form of injection, but he does not know what.

He was told that it was prescribed by a doctor, says Fedotov's lawyer Alexei Ponomarev according to the site.

- He does not look well.

Right now we can not say exactly how it is.

Neither we nor his parents have been allowed to meet him, says Ponomarev.