The pair of Sayaka Mikami and Rin Kaneto won the silver medal in the final of the FINA World Championships and the women's synchro board diving, and the 15-year-old Rikuto Tamai won the silver medal in the final of the men's high diving.

This is the first time that Japanese people have won a silver medal in the world championship diving.

The final day of the World Swimming Championships was held on the 3rd, and a pair of Mikami and Kanedo who passed the qualifying in 5th place participated in the final of diving and women's synchro board diving.

The pair of Mikami and Kanedo kept the 2nd place with stable performance from the beginning, such as deciding "405B" which made two and a half turns backwards in the third time of the final and marked 72.00, and the last fifth time. Also increased the score to 69.30 and won the silver medal with a total of 303.00.

This is the first time in 21 years since the bronze medal, which was the first medal in the 2001 tournament held in Fukuoka, for the Japanese to win a medal at the world championship, and this is the first time for them to win a silver medal.

The gold medal was 343.14 for the Chinese pair and the bronze medal was 294.12 for the Australian pair.

In the men's high diving that followed, 15-year-old Tamai passed the semi-finals in 3rd place and advanced to the finals.

Tamai took the lead for a while by scoring a high score of 99.90 by scoring "109C", which was a four-and-a-half turn before taking a positive step in the third round of the final.

After finishing the 5th performance, he finished 4th, but in the final 6th performance, he took a backward turn and twisted two and a half times to mark 95.40 with "5255B", which was a total of 488.00 and won a silver medal. did.

This is the first time a Japanese player has won a medal in this event's world championship.

The gold medal was 515.55 for the silver medal Yang Jian of China at the Tokyo Olympics, and the bronze medal was 485.45 for the Chinese player.