• Lewis Hamilton, seven-time world champion, competes in his Grand Prix at home, in Silvertone, this Sunday.

  • After a complicated start to the season at the wheel of his Mercedes W13, the Briton remains on a podium in Montreal (3rd).

The return of Sir Lewis Hamilton to center stage.

For good and not so good reasons.

After a complicated start to the season, overshadowed by his new teammate George Russell, the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion is once again making headlines a few hours before his home Grand Prix, at the Silverstone circuit in England. , this Sunday (4 p.m.).

Quite simply because he excels at it, with seven victories in the last nine editions and eight victories in total, for seven pole positions, a record.

Lewis Hamilton also remains on a good 3rd place in Montreal, his second podium of the season, only.

And everyone sees Mercedes finally returning to the battle between Ferrari and Mercedes.

“I really hope it will be the same at Silverstone, it's such an important race for us and for me.

I just want to be in the fight with these guys, ”he warned on the podium in Canada.

His 4th place on the starting grid this Sunday, behind the two Ferraris and the two RedBulls, is further confirmation of this renaissance.

Track and off-track battles

Because since the start of this season, the champion has been fighting more with his Mercedes W13, badly born according to many observers in the paddocks of F1, more than he climbs on the podium.

Cruel after a winter spent digesting his defeat in the last Grand Prix of the 2021 season, finally won by Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi.

To the point of being beaten at the start of the season by George Russell, his 24-year-old teammate.

Hamilton has only beaten Russell in Bahrain and Montreal, while the former Williams driver has never ranked further than 5th place since the start of the season, for three podiums.

Since this week, Lewis Hamilton has also had to deal with racist remarks made by Nelson Piquet, former F1 world champion and father-in-law of Max Verstappen.

“These are more than words.

These archaic mentalities must change and have no place in our sport.

Behaviors like this have surrounded and targeted me all my life.

There was time to learn, now has come the time for action”, reacted the Briton, before Neslon Piquet presented a lame apology.

End of series for RedBull?

But as Lewis Hamilton himself explains, the champion has had to deal with this kind of behavior from an early age, and his motivation is greatly fueled by it.

No doubt that he will want to close a few valves on his circuit.

Because Lewis Hamilton is formidable at Silverstone, whose pit line has been renamed “Hamilton Straight” in his homage.

On the side of RedBull also we expect to see a finally successful Mercedes, and a Lewis Hamilton in the battle to win the race.

“I think Mercedes will be quick at Silverstone.

I see no reason why they wouldn't.

It will be the same thing at Paul Ricard", anticipated Christian Horner, the boss of RedBull, who even expects "an end to the series" after six victories in a row, including five from Max Verstappen, well ahead of the championship of the World.


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