With thirteen seconds left to play in Rijeka, Finland was behind and Sweden was on its way out of the World Cup qualifiers.

But with four seconds left, Finnish NBA star Lauri Markkanen stepped forward and scored a three-pointer.

This meant that the result was 81-79 to Finland.

Sweden thus becomes group third and continues behind Finland and Slovenia.

The Swedes generally have to thank Markkanen properly who accounted for as many as 19 points in the giant thriller.

The second round consists of four six-team groups and the team takes the points from the first round.

In Sweden's case, that means eight points and that is what you have to start from when chasing the top three places, which means a World Cup place.

The second qualifying round begins in August.

Sweden is in the same group as Finland, Slovenia, Germany, Israel and Estonia.

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Highlights from the match between Sweden and Slovenia in the World Cup qualifiers for men.