Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels missed the monthly MVP = Most Valuable Player award while playing an active part in throwing last month.

One of the reasons is that the votes are distributed between the fielder division and the pitcher division, which is considered to be the background unique to the dual wield.

The monthly MVP of Major League Baseball is decided by the votes of the reporters in charge of all 30 teams, and each reporter is 1 in the "Players of the Month" in the fielder category and 1 in the "Pitchers of the Month" in the pitcher category. People, vote.

According to the people concerned, of the five Angels reporters who participated in the June monthly MVP vote, three voted for Otani in the pitcher category and two voted for Otani in the fielder category. It means that no reporter voted for Otani in both categories.

In June, Otani left a good record of 4 wins and 1 loss as a pitcher, an ERA of 1.52, a batting average of 20% 9 minutes and 8 RBIs, 6 home runs and 17 RBIs, and the day after marking 8 RBIs including 2 home runs. He achieved his first feat in the history of the big league, keeping eight innings to zero and taking 13 strikeouts.

As a batter, he did not have a record for the top of the league, but as a pitcher, he has four wins, which is on par with the top of the league. Was expected.

However, the American League pitcher was chosen by the White Sox Sheath, who had two wins but had the highest ERA and strikeouts in the league.

Otani missed the award, but it turned out that there were only two reporters in charge of Angels who voted for Otani in the fielder category instead of the pitcher category, and the local newspaper said that he actually voted for the fielder category. Reporter Jeff Fletcher explained why it was the result of taking into account the results of both pitching.

"Otani was neither the best batter nor the pitcher last month. The Astros' Alvarez number was clearly higher on the batter. I think he was the third best batter and the third best pitcher. But overall he was the best. "

He added, "The Players of the Month is generally a fielder award, but I thought it included all the players, including the pitcher, so he was in the fielder category, not the pitcher category. I put in my name. " reporter Let Bollinger, who also voted for Otani in the fielder category, said, "At first I thought about voting for Otani in the pitcher category, but he wasn't the best. Alvarez was better in the attack. However, Otani was the best player in terms of his performance as a pitcher. I was surprised that he didn't win because he thought he was worthy of the award. "

The breakdown of the monthly MVP votes has not been clarified, but the document that the Major League Baseball Organization announced the monthly MVP stated that both pitchers had votes for Otani, and the reason why Otani missed the award. It is thought that one of the backgrounds was unique to the dual wield style, in which votes were distributed between the fielder division and the pitcher division.