The 18-year-old Sena Imamura jockey rides TM Spada, who won the race in the race of horse racing in Kitakyushu.

Jockey Imamura won her victory in the first ride in a graded race.

Jockey Imamura rode on the second most popular TM Spada at the CBC Award, a 1200-meter turf G3 race held at Kokura Racecourse in Kitakyushu.

When TM Spada took the lead from the first half of the race, he won the record of 1 minute 5 seconds 8 without giving up the top.

Jockey Imamura won the race in his first ride in a graded race.

This is the second Japanese female jockey to win the JRA in a group race, following Nanako Fujita.