One of the sumo wrestlers in the Tagonoura room was found to be infected with the new coronavirus, and all the wrestlers in the room, such as Takayasu Akira, who had already been confirmed to be infected, will be closed from the Nagoya location starting on the 10th of this month. It was decided to do.

The Japan Sumo Association conducted a test for the new coronavirus on wrestlers on the 28th of last month, and found that two people, Takayasu and the wrestlers under the Makushita, who both belong to the Tagonoura stable, were positive.

The Japan Sumo Association said that if a negative test was confirmed after that, it would be possible to participate in the Nagoya place, but when the test was conducted again on the 2nd, a new positive result was found for one wrestler under the Makushita in the Tagonoura stable. did.

For this reason, the master Tako Noura offered to close the wrestlers who belong to the room, and the association accepted it.