Major League Baseball pitcher Hirokazu Sawamura pitched in relief against the Cubs on the 1st in Chicago, the home of the opponent, and kept the two innings to one hit and no runs.

Pitcher Sawamura pitched with the 5th to 5th inning, leading 5 to 6 and 1 point.

He was hit by a two-base hit by the first batter, took a walk, and then walked to first and second base, but managed to get through the first batter with a double play on the second ground ball.

He threw eight times in a row and made an error runner, but he got off the mound this time without giving any points such as taking two strikeouts.

Pitcher Sawamura threw two times, stealing one hit, one walk, and three strikeouts, with no runs and an ERA of 2.63, maintaining a two-point range.

The team lost 5 to 6 as it is.