Shogo Akiyama, a former Reds player who joined the professional baseball team Hiroshima, made a timely two-base hit on the 2nd in the first actual battle of the 2nd army after joining.

Akiyama, who will return to the Japanese baseball world for the first time in three years, was practicing at Mazda Stadium after having a press conference on the 30th of last month, and on the 2nd, he faced the first actual battle after joining the 2nd army in the Chunichi match. ..

At the Yuu Stadium in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, where the match was held, more than 1,000 spectators, more than usual, visited to see Akiyama at a glance.

Akiyama started in the 3rd left and made a timely two-base hit to the left middle without going against the ball on the out course in the first at-bat, which was greeted with 1 out and 1st base.

In the second at-bat three times, I carefully identified the ball and chose a walk.

Akiyama was replaced from the defense five times, and this game had one hit and one RBI.

After the match, Akiyama said, "I think it was good as the first stage because it was over without any injuries. I think that I have high expectations while playing in Japan for the first time in a long time, so I hope I can show a good play again. I want to do my best after tomorrow. "