As a result of the Japanese Olympic Committee conducting an interview survey with the people concerned about the problem reported in the weekly magazine that the training camp for the Japanese national team of fencing men's and women's épée was mainly leisure content, some athletes and coaches were accompanied by their families. We decided to forgo the application for subsidies to the JOC = Japanese Olympic Committee, etc.

The Federation of Japan Fencing Association decided to join the training camp after it was reported in some weekly magazines that the content of the training camp for men and women in fencing held in Okinawa Prefecture was significantly different from the original schedule. We conducted an interview survey with participating players and coaches.

So Takei, Chairman of the Federation of Japan Fencing, responded to the press coverage in Tokyo on the 2nd.

According to it, the training camp that was held this time was done as planned, and the part pointed out as leisure in the press is recreation in free time, which is appropriate for athletes and coaches immediately after overseas expeditions and tournaments. It is said that it was a rest.

On the other hand, we decided to forgo the application for the subsidy to the JOC of this training camp because there was inappropriate operation such as the accommodation of some players and coaches accompanied by family members.

In the future, the association will review the method of approving the training camp that accompanies the application for the subsidy, and will consider tightening the criteria for applying for the subsidy.