Japan national team Ayase Ueda, who is the forward of soccer J1 and Kashima Antlers and is currently at the top of the scoring ranking, will join the Belgian First Division Serkul Bruges.

According to the Antlers, Ueda has reached a basic agreement to transfer to the Belgian First Division Serkul Bruges, and will conduct medical checks locally and conclude a formal contract in the future.

23-year-old Ueda is a forward with a quick reaction to the ball and a deciding power that makes use of his physical strength. And is at the top of the score ranking.

He has also participated in nine games in total, including being selected as a member of the warm-up game held in June as a representative of Japan.

We are aiming to become a member for the World Cup, which will start in November, and we are paying attention to whether he can appeal his high deciding power even if he transfers overseas.

Ueda said, "I made this decision because I wanted to put myself in a new environment and grow as a professional soccer player. I understand the meaning of leaving the team in the middle of the season. I know there is no choice but to go. "

On top of that, "I am only grateful to all the Antlers families. I will face the essence of football that I think of, pursuing the play necessary for victory, cherish every moment, and continue to fight in the future. ".