China News Service, Beijing, July 1 (Liu Xingchen) On July 1, 1997, 25 years ago today, Hong Kong returned to the embrace of the motherland.

The night of the handover is still fresh in the memory of countless Hong Kong compatriots.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, Fok Qigang, Huang Jinbao, Du Kaiqin, Zhu Dingwen and other well-known figures in the Hong Kong sports world sent their blessings and shared their unforgettable memories of the past 25 years.

  In the eyes of Fok Qigang, a member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China and vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of China, the most unforgettable experience over the years is sitting in front of the TV with his family and watching the live broadcast of the handover ceremony with his family in 1997.

"When the national flag and the regional flag were slowly raised during the national anthem, we were very excited, and it felt like turning over a new page in history with our own hands," said Huo Qigang.

  The former China Hong Kong cycling team star Jin Jinbao has made great achievements in the international arena. During the 25 years of Hong Kong's return, he also happened to have spent 20 years of his sports career.

  Speaking of the most impressive experience, Huang Jinbao said that he returned to the motherland to participate in the National Games.

"All provinces and cities are actually like our relatives, brothers and sisters. It is very happy to be back in their arms."

  At the same time, Jinbao recalled that in the past 25 years, he saw many experts sent by the motherland to help the development of various industries in Hong Kong, including many coaches and scientific researchers to assist the development of sports in Hong Kong.

  Also remembered deeply is Du Kaiqin, a table tennis player from Hong Kong, China. When talking about the topic of strengthening exchanges and common progress between the mainland and Hong Kong in the field of sports, she recalled that the players of the Hong Kong team came to the mainland's provincial teams and even the national team. The bits and pieces of training.

  After recalling their unforgettable experiences in the past 25 years, many sports stars also talked about their expectations for Hong Kong's future.

  "I hope that with the support of the country's strong backing, the Hong Kong SAR can play an active role and tell the story of China to the world," said Fok Qigang, who has witnessed many important development moments for the country and the Hong Kong SAR.

  For young people in Hong Kong, Du Kaiqin and Zhu Dingwen, the current executive director of the Hong Kong Speed ​​Skating Academy, also sent messages.

Du Kaiqin hopes to vigorously promote youth exchanges and sports development between the two places in the future, so that more young people have the opportunity to go to the mainland and take a look.

  Zhu Dingwen, who participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics this year, said that he hopes to show the fighting spirit and "Lion Rock Spirit" of Hong Kong people to the people of the whole country and the world through ice and snow sports.