Yuma Kagiyama, a silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics in figure skating, unveiled a new program for this season at an ice show in Yokohama.

The Beijing Olympics men's single, silver medal Kagiyama, bronze medal Shoma Uno, and women's single bronze medal Kaori Sakamoto will appear at the ice show held in Yokohama on the night of the 1st. We showed off a new program.

Of these, Kagiyama played a short program that he had just created with world-famous choreographer Shae-Lynn Bourne in the United States last month.

Kagiyama set a new program to rock music, stepping brilliantly while moving his body violently, and lightly deciding his favorite jump.

Kagiyama said, "It's the first rock-like song, and it's hard to get rough, but I hope I can express it as the number of times increases. I don't really care about the results of the previous season, and this season is new again. I want to do my best as a step. "

In addition, Uno showed off a new short program choreographed by coach Stephane Lambiel, and excited the venue with sharp steps.

Uno said, "I'm still young. If I keep the status quo, I can leave it, so I want to grow up properly and show where I can still grow."