Doha World Cup debut "black technology" semi-automatic offside penalty technology enabled

  FIFA has announced that the 2022 Qatar World Cup will use semi-automatic offside penalty technology to help referees make offside penalties more accurately.

  FIFA said the new semi-automatic offside decision technology will use up to 12 dedicated cameras to track each player's 29 data points.

Using this to calculate their exact position on the pitch, the 29 data points collected will include the limbs and torso involved when an offside decision is made.

An inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor will be placed inside each World Cup ball.

Located in the center of the ball, the sensor sends data to the VAR operating room at a rate of 500 times per second, allowing for very precise offside detection.

After the VAR referee and the referee have confirmed the decision, the position data points used to make the decision will generate a 3D animation that always shows the best view of the offside situation and is played on the stadium's giant screen in the clearest possible way communicated to all audiences.

  (Zhang Zhe, all media reporter of Guangzhou Daily)