Anicet Mbida 06:55, July 01, 2022

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This Friday, he is interested in an invention that could be the solution to the shortage of drivers.

Several startups offer an original solution: remote control cars with remote drivers.

Between the resumption of activity, the return of tourists and exploding gas prices, it is increasingly difficult to find a taxi during rush hour.

There is even talk of a shortage of drivers.

To overcome this, several startups offer an original solution: remote control cars with remote drivers.

Remote drivers quietly installed in an office, behind their screen, with a steering wheel and pedals as if they were playing a video game.

You order a taxi or a VTC.

And when it arrives, you'll feel like you're seeing an autonomous car (no one behind the wheel).

In fact, it will be guided by a man or a woman several kilometers away.

As a result, inside we can have a chat: ask to go faster, to take a different path.

I don't know if you imagine the scene… Strange.

In any case, this should make the job of driver less painful.

They can take turns at the wheel easily, even in the middle of a race.

They could even telecommute by driving the cars directly from home.

What happens if we lose the connection with the "tele-driver"?

To avoid this, the network accesses are doubled.

If one fails, we switch to the other.

And if there really is a cut, the car will automatically pull over, as if it had broken down.

Until now, the concept had mainly been tested in the United States with startups like Ottopia, Phantom Auto or Designated Driver.

From now on, he arrives in France, pushed by Elmo Remote, a new kid who has just made several demonstrations in Paris and Toulouse.

But are people ready to ride in remote control cars?

That is the question.

This is why they plan, initially, to use this system only to deliver rental vehicles to homes.

No need to go get your car, it's the car that will come directly to you.

Either way, the debate is on.

What would be the most reassuring for you?

Ride in an autonomous taxi or in a taxi piloted remotely by a tele-driver?