In the women's double 10-meter platform final of the 2022 Budapest World Swimming Championships, which ended on the 30th local time, the Chinese team Chen Yuxi/Quan Hongchan played well and won the gold medal with 368.40 points without any suspense. The U.S. combination of two was 69 points higher.

  This is the 8th gold of the Chinese diving team in this World Championships!

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  In the competition, from the first round, Chen Yuxi/Quan Hongchan showed their super strength and ranked first without any surprise.

In the third round, they scored 79.20 points with perfect performance, widening the gap with other players in one fell swoop.

  In the last two rounds of action, Chen Yuxi/Quan Hongchan took into account both the difficulty and the quality of completion, scoring 88.32 and 89.28 points respectively, and finally won the championship with a total score of 368.40.

  Chen Yuxi/Quan Hongchan are a relatively new pair of platform diving. This World Championship is also the first time that Quan Hongchan has participated in the women's double 10-meter platform event in a world championship.

During the initial pairing, the two also encountered some difficulties, but they helped each other and became more and more tacit.

Data map: In the women's 10-meter platform diving final of the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese athlete Quan Hongchan (right) won the championship with 466.20 points, and Chen Yuxi won the silver medal with 425.40 points.

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  Before this expedition, Chen Yuxi introduced in an interview that he has more experience in double competitions and is older, so he must adjust his mentality and play a leading role.

"Quan Hongchan also paid a lot, because my ability is not as strong as hers, so she will follow my rhythm to cooperate."

  In the preliminaries, Chen Yuxi/Quan Hongchan ranked first with almost perfect performances and advanced to the finals.

After watching the performance of the two people, some viewers felt that their movements were like replicas.

  In the final, Chen Yuxi/Quan Hongchan continued to perform strongly and finally won the gold medal steadily.

This is the 8th gold of the Chinese diving team in this World Championship, and also the 2nd gold of Chen Yuxi and Quan Hongchan in this competition.

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  These two talented girls are the most dazzling "double stars" in the women's platform jumping event in recent years.

At the 2019 Gwangju World Championships, Chen Yuxi won the women's 10-meter platform championship, and at the Tokyo Olympics, Quan Hongchan made a blockbuster and defeated Chen Yuxi to win the championship.

  In this World Championships, they once again stood on the same field.

In the women's singles 10-meter platform final, Chen Yuxi and Quan Hongchan won the championship and the runner-up. The total score difference between the two was only 0.3 points, but they were nearly 80 points ahead of the bronze medalist Pandelila Palmer of Malaysia.

  Being both a partner and an opponent, Chen Yuxi commented on her relationship with Quan Hongchan: "I think the two of us are in a healthy competition, and only when there is competition can we improve. Whether she is better or me is better, we will be stable. I want to face the game and the results with a mentality, and I hope everyone can play a good level.”

  After the solo match, Chen Yuxi and Quan Hongchan embraced for a long time on the sidelines amid the cheers of the audience.

  They have all amazed the world with their talented girls, and they have been working hard for their dreams.

Now, 16-year-old Chen Yuxi and 15-year-old Quan Hongchan have jointly carried the banner of Chinese women's platform jumping and steadily moved towards Paris two years later.

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  After winning the women's double 10-meter platform gold medal, the Chinese diving team's total number of gold medals at the World Championships reached 103.

Since the "Queen of Diving" Gao Min won the gold medal in the women's 3-meter springboard at the World Championships in 1986, this team has become a well-deserved "Dream Team" in the past 30 years.

  In the next schedule of the Budapest World Championships, the Chinese swimming team also has the chance to win gold in many events.

Hope the players perform well and achieve more good results!

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