Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels took 11 strikeouts in the White Sox game on the 29th and kept the middle of the 6th inning without any runs, winning the 7th victory of the season.

June was an activity to win 4 wins a month.

After the 7th win, Otani answered the media interviews in Japan and the United States.

Q. It's been great to throw in the past month, but is there anything you've grabbed?

A. I have never grabbed it.

Regarding batting, I feel that the number of good at-bats is increasing, and the throwing comfort is not bad.

I don't think there is anything different than the numbers.

Q. Do you agree with the number of balls that you got off the mound in the middle of the 6th inning?

A. I wanted to throw it all six times, but it was quite a striking line.

It's a good hit, and I think the number of balls was a little high.

Q. There was a scene where I was worried about my waist at bat.

A. All right.

It's a holiday tomorrow, so I'd like to switch and do my best again.

Q. How important was the changing ball today?

A. I think the early stages worked pretty well.

Since the care (of the other party) became a little stronger from the middle, I was able to switch straight again and respond firmly while watching the situation.

Q.16 You marked a ball speed of 2.5 km, but did you throw that ball with all one's might?

A I threw it strongly with the intention of taking a swing.

Q. Is it possible to get that kind of ball speed at any time?

Or is it depending on the situation?

A. Situation ...

Of course, I'm not aiming for it.

I think that it will happen without permission, as it will be more powerful in this situation.

Q. Recently, it was a game that I lost in a row, and today was a game that I lost yesterday.

A. I think it's very important to win the card (in three consecutive battles with the White Sox), and I think it's important to move on to the next month.

Q. Is the slider your favorite ball type?

A. How is it?

The curve also worked quite well, and I think that good pitches will be particularly noticeable by throwing in a well-balanced manner rather than just one.

Q.6 times, did you want to throw the last one?

A. That's right at the end.

The number of balls was quite high, but it was important because it was quite different whether or not it could be thrown.

I think it would have been best if another person was thrown.

Q. The change was unexpected.

A. It wasn't unexpected.

Of course I knew that it was made with a bullpen (by a relief pitcher).

Well, I think it's also the place where I put up with it and let me throw one person.

It was a game that created a state where the number of balls was high.

Q. Looking back on June.

A. I think it's a place where you get tired, but I think it's the month when you're most accustomed to the game in the season.

The movement of my body is not bad, and I think I can maintain good concentration every game.

Q. Did you think about the timing of the 6th runner change?

A. Well, I was a runner who came out with a poten hit, so it didn't feel very good in terms of flow.

I wish I had been thrown to a place where I couldn't hit the bat firmly, but there were quite a lot of (and opponents) at bats.

I think the number of balls has increased.

Q. Did you think it was a change over there?

A. I thought it would be a good situation to change it at any time, but of course I am going to throw it.

Of course, I don't really care about the bullpen, and I do care about it when adjusting the number of balls, such as making it to some extent.

Basically, I'm going to the mound with the intention of throwing it myself, so I don't think I should worry too much about it.

Q. Two consecutive strikeouts with double digits.

What are the factors that are striking out?

A. What is it?

Well, I think it's great that we can play well in each type of pitch, of course, in the strike zone, and that we can pitch while grasping the characteristics of each batter.

Q. Did the bat hit your lower back and hurt you?

Or was it a twist?

A. No, there is nothing in particular, yes.

Q. What is your mentality when the environment surrounding the team is not good?

A. The first is not to give the first goal.

I think it's all about this.

Today, I was able to get points early and proceed in a good way, so I will endure from there until I get additional points.

Even if a runner comes out, it's okay if it stays at zero, but he says he will go with the least number of goals.

The basic thing.

Q. Did you feel tight?

A. Of course, I don't go to the mound because I think it's tough.

No matter what the situation, what you do is the same, and the first job you do is not to score the first goal.

Among them, throwing a long time is the starting job, so I originally wanted to throw up to 6 times, but I think that the work is completed by doing so.