China News Agency, Beijing, June 29th. The 2022 World Swimming Championships will continue to compete in diving events in Budapest, Hungary on the 29th local time.

In the men's and women's 3-meter springboard and 10-meter platform mixed all-around events, two 15-year-old Chinese teenagers, Quan Hongchan and Bai Yuming, won the championship with 382.00 points.

This is the 100th gold medal won by the Chinese diving team since it participated in the World Championships in 1982.

  The Chinese diving team has always been known as the "Dream Team".

Before the current World Championships, the Chinese diving team has won 95 World Championships gold medals.

Since the start of the World Championships, the Chinese team has successively won 4 gold medals in the men's doubles 3-meter springboard, women's 10-meter platform, men's 3-meter springboard and men's doubles 10-meter platform, bringing the total number of gold medals in the world championships to 99.

  The 100th World Championship gold medal of the Chinese diving team was born in the mixed all-around event of the men's and women's 3-meter springboard and 10-meter platform.

This event was established at the 2015 World Championships. According to the rules, the two athletes must include a springboard and a platform in their three jumps, and must include all 6 groups of actions: forward, backward, reflex, inward, twist and arm stand. .

Although it is a non-Olympic event, the competition system is very interesting and examines the all-around level of the players.

  The Chinese team, partnered by Yang Jian and Lin Shan, won the championship for the first time at the 2019 Gwangju World Championships.

The Chinese team sent Olympic champion Quan Hongchan and a 15-year-old teenager Bai Yuming to participate in this World Championships. This is also the first time that Quan Hongchan has participated in the 3-meter springboard competition in an international competition.

  There are no preliminaries for the men's and women's 3-meter springboard and 10-meter platform mixed team events, and the final competition is directly conducted.

A total of 13 groups participated in the competition that day. In the first round, All Hongchan performed the springboard event. The action was to tuck inward for two and a half weeks. The difficulty factor was 2.7. Her spray control was quite good, scoring 63.45 points. There was a mistake on the board, and there was a flaw when he fell into the water, and he scored 64.35 points.

  In the second round, Bai Yuming adjusted his state and completed a set of springboard movements with high quality, while Quan Hongchan played stably on the strong 10-meter platform, and took off with his housekeeping skills. After this round, the total score of the Chinese team reached 253.40. points, and opened a considerable gap with the opponent.

  In the third round, Quan Hongchan returned to the springboard and chose a more conservative move with a difficulty factor of only 2.0, but she played quite steadily. Bai Yuming's platform jumping action increased the difficulty, and the difficulty factor reached 3.4, which was also stable. In the end, the Chinese team Locked the championship with 382.00 points.

  It is worth mentioning that the two Chinese teenagers who participated in the competition that day were both born in 2007, reflecting the excellent reserve talent reserve of the Chinese team.

  In addition, this is also the first World Championship gold medal won by Olympic champion Quan Hongchan.

In the women's 10-meter platform final of this year's World Championships, Quan Hongchan lost to her teammate Chen Yuxi by 0.3 points and won the silver medal.

Next, Quan Hongchan will also partner with Chen Yuxi to compete in the women's double 10-meter platform competition.