In professional baseball, two games of the Central League will be played, and Yakult, the leader, will win four consecutive games, and the magic number to win will be lit as early as July 1.

▽ Hiroshima vs. Yakult, extended 12 times, Yakult won 4-2.

▼ Win, pitcher Shimizu 4 wins and 1 loss.

▼ Save, Pitcher Taguchi 1 save.

▼ Losing, pitcher Nakazaki 1 win 5 losses.

▼ Home run, Yakult Nagaoka player No. 5.

Hiroshima Kozono player No. 3.

Yakult won the 12th inning with a 2 to 2 extension, with a two-point timely two-base by Kazuya Maruyama, a rookie who participated in the middle.

Pitcher Shimizu, who threw one inning with the fifth person, is the fourth win.

Yakult has won four straight games.

Hiroshima caught up with Matsuyama's timely tie in the 10th inning with a one-on-two extension, but he still had a chance to play a double play and lost three games in a row.

▽ DeNA vs. Hanshin, DeNA won the goodbye 6-5.

▼ Win, pitcher Hirata 1 win and 2 defeats.

▼ Losing, pitcher Iwasaki 1 win 3 losses 14 saves.

▼ Home run, Hanshin Tigers Teruaki Sato No.14.

DeNA scored a tie in the 9th inning of 4 to 5 with Daejeon's timely two-base, and then Minei hit a hit with a two-out first base and second base to decide the match.

The good running base of Daejeon who struck the home from the second base shined.

The sixth pitcher, Hirata, won his first victory of the season.

DeNA has risen to 4th place with 3 consecutive victories.

The Hanshin Tigers made a comeback once with small points after the 5th inning, but the team lost 3 consecutive games and retreated to 5th place after being hit by pitcher Iwasaki.

What about Yakult Magic lighting?

Yakult will play against DeNA on July 1st, and if Yakult wins, the magic number "54" to win will light up.

Furthermore, if the second-placed giant loses to Hiroshima, "53" will light up.