The possible number one of the next NBA draft will not wear the Asvel jersey next season.

Tony Parker confirmed this Thursday, in an interview with


, that Victor Wembanyama (18, 2.19m) had just activated his clause allowing him to leave Villeurbanne this summer.

The promising interior, scrutinized across the Atlantic for many months because of its monster potential and its atypical profile, should engage in the coming days with Boulogne-Levallois (trained by the coach of the Blues Vincent Collet) or Paris Basketball.

"He has a really good attitude and it's a shame he didn't give us the opportunity to continue," explained Tony Parker.

We had started on a two-year project, and next season, we were going to do everything for him.

The president of Asvel, titled Saturday for the third consecutive time in Betclic Elite, does not hide his incomprehension.

“A financial impact” for Asvel with a view to a top NBA draft pick

“I respect his decision but I don't understand, because we would have made him play 30 minutes per game anyway next season.

That was the plan: give him responsibility and let him grow.

That's what he was promised.

That's why I don't understand.


Tony Parker acknowledges that his club is "of course having a financial impact", in addition to the sporting part, since his future NBA franchise will have to pay a hefty indemnity to the club, happy to have him under contract for this pivotal year.


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