The Federation of Japan Fencing acknowledged the facts about the training camp for men and women Epe Japan held in Okinawa Prefecture in June after being reported in a weekly magazine that the content was significantly different from the original schedule. After apologizing, he will work to prevent recurrence.

According to the Federation of Japan Fencing, the training camp for men and women in fencing held in Okinawa Prefecture from June 18th to 25th has been changed to focus on leisure, which is significantly different from the original schedule in the weekly magazine report. When I heard from the people concerned after being reported that they had been there, it was difficult to judge that the purpose of the training camp submitted to the association would be achieved.

For this reason, the Federation of Japan Fencing has published a document on its homepage that summarizes the outline of the case and future measures that it has grasped by the 30th, and then "the training camp is being operated, which cannot be said to be understood by everyone. We deeply apologize for that. "

In the future, we will conduct thorough interviews with the players and coaches who participated in the training camp, and will consider setting up a third-party committee if necessary.

In addition, since a part of the training camp fee for athletes is subsidized by the JOC = Japanese Olympic Committee, etc., we will strengthen the system for checking the contents of the plan and the actual activities of the training camp that accompanies the application for the subsidy. We are working to prevent recurrence, such as ensuring transparency.