It was on the third lap that Paralympic skier Strandberg crashed into a curve and was forced to break.

Then he was just ahead of the big star and giant favorite Anna Beck, who could then pull away and take home the victory by far.

- I took the curve as fast as I could and got too close to the motorcycle so I had to brake and weigh.

I could not stay on the bike, says Strandberg.

The gears went into the rear wheel and it stopped for the Paralympics skier.

- It was not possible to stay on his feet, says Strandberg.

- Right now I'm most pissed off, but I hope it releases soon.

I had hoped to give Anna a match today.

The winner Anna Beck was just behind her competitor when the accident occurred.

- I saw that Daniel straightened up a little grand, when he lay down I came between the sidewalk and him.

It was a little scary.

Good thing he did well, says Beck.

She enjoyed the framing on the streets of Linköping.

- It's great fun, there are more people than there usually are at our competitions.

It gives a little adrenaline and push.

Great audience.