2022 World Swimming Championships Women's 10m Platform Diving Final

The introversion of the two little girls is a blessing for Chinese diving

  The 2022 Budapest World Swimming Championships women's 10-meter platform finals ended in the early morning of June 28, Beijing time. As everyone expected, the two girls of the Chinese diving team competed for the gold medal, and other countries competed for the bronze medal.

But even the process of competing for the gold medal, which will definitely belong to China's "dream team", still makes the audience watching late at night excited and excited. The suspense is left to the last jump.

  In the end, Shanghai girl Chen Yuxi, who turned 17 in September, jumped out with a score of 417.25 points and narrowly defeated the Tokyo Olympic champion and 15-year-old Zhanjiang girl Quan Hongchan by 0.3 points, the smallest advantage in the history of the diving world championships, and won the world championship in this event.

The two teenagers lead the players from other countries in at least one action score. The healthy competition between the two and the ups and downs of the game are enjoyable to watch.

From the perspective of the big picture, it is a blessing for the Chinese diving team. With the double insurance of Chen Yuxi and Quan Hongchan, at least in the next Olympic cycle, in the next two World Championships, the Chinese team will win the championship without worry. .

  The successive appearance of Chinese florets

  Women's 10m platform loses suspense

  In the two World Championships in 2015 and 2017, the Chinese team unexpectedly failed to win the gold medal in the women's 10-meter platform. Two dark horses from North Korea and Malaysia, Jin Guoxiang and Zhang Junhong, won the championship respectively, plus the 2009 Rome World Championships. In the competition, Mexico's Paula Espinosa won the gold medal, making this event very unpredictable and becoming the most upset hotbed in the international diving competition, often making the Chinese diving team leader Zhou Jihong unwilling.

  But at present, because of the appearance of Chen Yuxi and Quan Hongchan, this project has become the most reassuring project in the "Dream Team".

In Gwangju in 2019, 14-year-old Chen Yuxi beat Qunfang to the top podium. This time at the World Championships in Budapest, talented player Quan Hongchan participated in the competition. The Chinese team added a strong iron lock to compete with players from other countries. A chasm formed between them.

  The tallest Quan Hongchan in this World Championships

  Three jumps 207C did not find the feeling

  Quan Hongchan is a rare and extremely talented female Taiwan athlete, and even other Chinese players are incomparable.

In the women's 10-meter platform diving final of the Tokyo Olympics, Quan Hongchan won the praise of diving enthusiasts all over the world with her perfect performance of three jumps and close to full marks in the remaining two jumps.

She set a score of 466.20 at that time, a record that has never been seen before or even since.

Chen Yuxi, who won the runner-up, scored 425.40 points.

In terms of absolute talent, Quan Hongchan is better than Chen Yuxi.

This little girl, who came out of Mazhang Town, Mazhang District, Zhanjiang, almost broke people's perception of diving with her unparalleled performance in the Olympic Games.

Then at the Shaanxi National Games, Quan Hongchan won the championship again without suspense. She was once considered invincible at least during the Paris Olympic cycle.

  After more than half a year, Quan Hongchan has grown taller, and she has also begun to worry about the influence of her developmental growth on her tumbling movements.

At this World Championships, everyone has seen that she still has a very high degree of movement completion in most groups, and she is still so perfect, especially in the 6th set of arm stand and the 5th set of swivel into the water, almost no splash can be seen.

But she also has an "Achilles' heel", which is two sets of backwards tumbling into the water, which is always bad.

This is because you can't see the surface of the water when you roll backwards, and the little girl's feeling of entering the water is always uncertain.

In fact, it was the same at the Tokyo Olympics. Quan Hongchan's 207C jump in the preliminaries and semi-finals was not ideal, but in the most crucial final, she found the feeling and got an amazing 95.70 points (out of 99 points) , which set the all-time scoring record for the project.

In Budapest, she failed to find the right feeling in three consecutive games, namely the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals, and only scored over 60 points, which gave the more comprehensive Chen Yuxi a chance to defeat her.

  World arena for the next two years

  They still have the gold medal in hand

  Chen Yuxi is characterized by stable performance, few mistakes, and a general demeanor. All actions are world-class, and there are no obvious shortcomings.

Before her departure for Budapest, she said that she would win two World Championships gold medals is not a lie, because she believes that her overall ability can add points.

This is indeed the case. From the two in-team test matches before departure to the three matches of this World Championship, she all won the battle with Quan Hongchan's sisters by a small margin, with a maximum difference of 13.3 points and a minimum score of 13.3 points. The difference is 0.3 points in the final.

  Of course, in any case, although the two little girls will definitely have winners and losers in individual events, their competition is based on the premise of ensuring that the Chinese team wins the gold medal.

At the Fukuoka World Championships next year, the Doha World Championships and the Paris Olympics the following year, the two will also ensure that the "Dream Team" gold medal is in hand.