Lina Strand was part of the team that secured Sweden's fourth straight World Cup gold in the sprint relay.

Then she went to the final in the knockout sprint.

But due to illness, she is today replaced by Sara Hagström.

It was already clear that the 19-year-old shooting star Hanna Lundberg will miss today's competition due to injury.

The Swedish women's squad thus consists of Tove Alexandersson, Emma Bjessmo, Karolin Ohlsson and Sara Hagström.

On the men's side, Sweden is represented by Max Peter Bejmer, Gustav Bergman, Isac von Krusenstierna, Martin Regborn and Emil Svensk.

The individual sprint is broadcast on SVT Play and on SVT1 / 2 starting at 17.40.

KLIPP: Strand and Alexandersson showed the way to gold

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World Cup gold for Sweden in the sprint.

Photo: Bildbyrån

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