Vissel Kobe, who is at the bottom of the J1 soccer team, has canceled the contract with Miguel Angel Rotina, who has been in command since April in the middle of the season, due to poor results.

Vissel is the third change of director this season, including a provisional system.

Spanish coach Rotina (65), who has commanded multiple teams in the J-League, has a reputation for building a team that emphasizes solid defense, and was appointed as Vissel coach in April in the middle of the season.

Although he won the Asian Champions League qualifying and the Emperor's Cup, in the league match, he could not rebuild the team with 2 wins, 6 losses and 1 draw after taking office, and Vissel contracted with Rotina while it was sluggish at the bottom. Has been released.

Vissel started this season under the supervision of Atsuhiro Miura, but canceled the contract in late March due to poor results.

After that, coach Luis, who is in charge of training, will take command as a provisional coach, and with the cancellation of the contract with Rotina, it will be the third change of coach this season.

"I'm sorry I couldn't change the bad tide of the team and help me improve my position," said Rotina.

The successor will be Mr. Takayuki Yoshida of the Strengthening Department.

Mr. Yoshida is 45 years old from Hyogo prefecture.

He has been the director of Vissel since the middle of the season twice in the past, and this is his third appointment.

Mr. Yoshida commented, "I think it is necessary to unite and confront this difficult situation because we are in a difficult situation. We will do our best to work."