FC Tokyo of soccer J1 held a class in which OBs of clubs went to elementary schools in Tokyo to teach them how to move their bodies so that children could learn about the joy of exercising.

FC Tokyo of soccer J1 created a sports drill last month to learn basic movements such as "jumping" and "turning" so that children can feel the joy of exercising even under the influence of the new corona virus. It is distributed to about 15,700 first-year elementary school students in Tokyo such as Suginami Ward.

On the 29th, former Japan national football team and FC Tokyo OB Naohiro Ishikawa visited Horinouchi Elementary School in Suginami Ward and gave classes along with this drill.

With Mr. Ishikawa's advice, the first grade children jumped and hit the ball to catch it, and the two of them were back to back and handed the ball over their heads.

I also tried to stop the pass with my foot and dribble to shoot.

The boy who participated said, "I enjoyed moving the ball up and down. I want to do all this drill and get stronger."

Mr. Ishikawa said, "I wanted you to feel the joy of moving your body. By cooperating with your friends, you will be able to do things that you couldn't do, so I want you to feel joy in your movements." rice field.

FC Tokyo wants to continue its efforts while expanding the region.